Circle the City

The Mission:

“Circle the City provides for the unmet needs of homeless individuals and families especially during times of illness. We do this by assisting with financial resources that  makes heath care services possible where no other resources exists, and by providing basic necessities to help ease the burdens of homelessness.”

We often forget how special and at times temporary the little things are. It is natural to list the things you do not have before the things you do. Instead of recognizing the beauty in your home or education, it is “I want new flooring,” or “I had a late night, I can just skip my classes for today.” Things such as our health, wealth, education, families and faith are what should be praised everyday because we live in a world full of people dying for just one of those luxuries. No one deserves to go hungry or without a home and Circle of the City works everyday to provide that home for the impoverished.

It all began with one woman aiming to “engage in works of compassion and mercy that respond to the spiritual and corporal needs of persons in our times.” Her name is Sister Adele O’Sullivan and she is both a nun and a doctor, due to her time working as a physician provider with the Health Care for the Homeless program in Phoenix. Since 1996, Sister Adele and her staff have been working to offer medical care to the homeless, whether that be one individual or a family.

With the expenses high, the group found themselves short on key materials both big and small. Whether it be clean underclothing or something as serious as the means to provide testing. Beginning with a grant from Maricopa County’s Department of Public Health, but it just was not enough considering the magnitude of the project. Yet she did not give up; instead she turned to her community. As the years went the donations kept the project afloat. Keeping all the money is a small shoe box, they eventually were able to start their own back account and continue to help those in need.
"Homelessness / 15:50", between stairs

The Goal:

“Surrounding homeless individuals and families with health care, healing, and hope.”

Some of you may be wondering exactly what they do and how they work to end the problem. The charity works closely with Maricopa County’s Health Care For the Homeless.The areas are divided up as follows- Special Health Care Services ,Vision Services , Specialized Mental Health Counseling, Housing Assistance, and General Necessities.

Below is a list of different activies the charity, along with any volunteers engage in:

  • Monetary Donations 
  • Client Wish List: Done one or more of the many items the charity is in need. of. To view the list click here!
  • Office Wish List: “In order to assist us with our work, the following items are always in short supply: postage stamps, printer paper, business mailing envelopes and other office supplies.”
  • Charity Charms: Buy a charm, 75% of the profit goes towards the organizations. Visit for more information
  • Buy a cookbook: The book features 400 recipes from many of the Circle the City supporters and volunteers.
  • Donate clothing and furniture: Circle the City has accounts at both My Sister’s Closet and My Sister’s Attic
  • For volunteer opportunities working directly with the homeless and the Circle the City community visit or call them at ( 602)-372-2149

Please get involved and check back to see what charity I feature next!


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